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How to add a Google Map to a Website. It is easy!

The virtual map on the internet has spread all over the world and provides advice and assistance whenever someone is on the way into the unknown or forgot the way to the restaurant, over which friends got into raptures the last time. Google Maps is not only a big help for people with a poor sense of orientation, but also offers a suitable use for companies.

Google Maps

A lot of people use Google Maps almost daily. In addition, when they are on their way. With the Google Maps App or the mobile version, getting access to the service from the smartphone or tablet is no problem. This way, the service from the Google family is also helping when someone is getting lost, or spontaneously deciding to stop by a shop where he has never been before. With Maps it got a lot easier to find certain things, get from one place to another and getting information about it at the same time. Moreover, the route described by Google Maps is with high certainty the fastest and easiest.

Adding Map with/without Google Map API

The virtual map service cannot only be used on the Google Maps website or with the app, but also on one’s own website. This works on the one hand with the help of so-called APIs. These are “Application Programming Interfaces” and those are available for Google Maps. APIs enable the communication between two different programs. Because of APIs it is possible, to use Facebook IDs to login on other platforms or programs. Many websites who offer an overview of hotels or other accommodations use an embedded Google Map to show the different locations. But to embed this API Code is not that easy and mostly not necessary. You can easily get your free Google Map JavaScript Code on this website. You just have to copy&paste this code to your website – that’s it.

Embedding Google Maps on Your Website

Adding Google Maps to your website is simple and does not require special computer skills. The only thing you need is this JavaScript code. Getting one is easy too. You just generate it right here on this website. The next step is to embed it in the “Contact Us” page of your website and with that you integrated the Google Map in your website. Customers can use the service of Google Maps from now on on your website as well. By now, more than 400.000 websites already use the embedded version of Google Maps.

Like most other services from Google also Google Maps is for free. This counts as well for the embedment of the Google Maps in one’s own website. However, there is a small catch. Google has now decided that the use of Google Maps APIs is only free up to a traffic of 25.000 users per day. If it gets more, you need to pay. In general the fees do not apply to non commercial use of the application. What counts as commercial and what as non commercial, is decided by Google itself.

This is what Maps can do

The tools offered by Google Maps are diverse. The most people are probably using it to look up routes from A to B. The user has some options to do so here. You can tell Google to opt out toll roads, let Maps know if you are going by car, public transport, bike or foot. For car drivers the service is even calculating the expected amount of fuel needed on the chosen route. It can also be chosen how the map is displayed. One can have map, terrain or earth view.

Besides streets or railway tracks Google Maps is also showing buildings and parks, mostly with labeling. So you can see hotels, restaurants, shops or businesses. By clicking on the symbols you can get more information like address, telephone number or ratings from other people who have been there. If that is not enough, it is possible to stand directly on the street. Google Street View is offering a 360 degree picture of the place. This might be helpful for orientation when visiting the place in real life.

Generating and integrating the JavaScript Code

The latest innovation on Google Maps is the “Traffic” tool. Traffic jams are shown in real time with colors from light green - for fast - to dark red - for slow on the roads in the map. If you are on your way with Google Maps now where there is congestion on your way, Google Maps will calculate an alternative route for you. Also for public transport, the service offers a handy extra. Maps does not only show the nearest bus stops and train stations, but also the departure times.

For customers to be able to use this service also on your website you first need a JavaScript Code. To generate it, you simply need to type in the name of your business and the address. Then you can choose how far users should be able to zoom in and out of the map and if it should be shown in map, terrain or earth design. The last step is to copy and paste the code in your website. The overall advantage is that customers on your website do not have to switch to the original Google Maps website anymore, to plan how they can get to you. The visualization of the location and the geographical service offered with that make it a lot easier for you customers to reach you. And that is good for the customers and the business.

Advantage through Information

The more information businesses provide in Google Maps, the better their ranking will be. Also in the usual Google Search you will be listed higher up. With that come a higher visibility and more customers. This is why Google Maps is also a suitable tool for online marketing. It makes it easier for customers to find the business they need and to get a first impression of it through pictures and Google Street View. The business can present itself in the best way. Both sides benefit from it. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Deutsch - Español - Français - Italiano - Contact - About Us